30 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 27th December 2010 - The Big Sleep

The first morning with a proper lie in, although slightly later than maybe we should have allowed. The one problem with being at someones house over a long period of time is that sleeping arrangements can prove difficult.

This year we are squeezing into the small bedroom in mum's house. OH on the high bed, I am on the double air bed on the floor. We have to shift all the bags about morning and night, and keep up with the mattress pumping but it is worth it to have a lie in and not be worried about falling from a great height.

We have punctuated the holiday with 2 nights at my brothers. In the living room so you get woken up, but on a proper sofa bed. Tomorrow we'll sleep at the mother-in-laws. Proper bed and a room to ourselves. Obviously the best nights sleep will be the few days we have at home before we go back to work but it's something I'm willing to put up with to spend time with friends and family.

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