1 Jan 2011

Happy New Year

Just a quick post to say a few things.

First of all, Happy New Year, and I hope that you all had a lovely evening, as well as a lovely Christmas Break. I am back home now with lots of memories and lots of things to scrap. Thankfully I have a few days before I go back to work to get myself sorted. 

For those who have been following, I have been trying to keep up with the Journal Your Christmas posts, but not making it necessarily on the right day. This was partly through living the day and partly through problems getting my e-mail prompts whilst away.These will continue with posts up to the 6th January, with a catch up tomorrow. However I will also be doing some non JYC related, plans for the New Year posts at the same time so there may be more than 1 post a day. 

The reason for this is that I have enjoyed the few journalling classes I have done this year, and also enjoyed watching the challenges done by others on my blog list. I am currently sat in front of the pc with a drink, just poodling my way through a few that have caught my attention. So when I have caught up with some housekeeping posts and the backlog of JYC, I will be listing those that I have seen and picking a few to play along with during the year. 

A brief word for those who are following for JYC, I apologise for the lack of photos, but I decided about halfway through that I was going to just blog so that I got the thoughts on paper. The eventual plan is to print off the blog posts, add the relevant pictures and then put all in the hard copy of the album as it was so small. This means that I can really make a dent in most of my current xmas stash ready to start afresh later this year. So I will do one post, probably not before the end of January which will have all the finished pages on, all ready and finished. So you will get to see the completed project, and I will learn to do a bigger album for next year. 

Hoping that you are all looking forward to what the New Year will bring

Lots of Love

Elliefantasy xx

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