3 Jan 2011

JYC 2010 28th December - A little bit of what you fancy

Ahh, that wonderful period between Christmas and New Year. We normally have a few visits still to potter through and actually the day was spent with the Mother-In-Law this year. But wherever we end up, its still nice to pop in and see sweets on the table to be picked at all day, plus cake and leftovers for tea. Its nice to have these days to wind down and have a play with the presents, but the biggest indulgence for me is just the freedom of being able to eat whatever and whenever, especially as there is normally so much left-over by this point that people are positively encouraging you to stuff your face. 

Having said that, I managed to get the sicky bug which is doing the rounds of the family, plus having fallen part way down the stairs actually led to a food-free day, the first of 4, so not much in the way of good food and leftovers for me this year. 

Love Elliefantasy xx

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