30 Jan 2014

New look, new plan

Hi all

Just a quicky post as I have spent all evening re-designing the blog. Hope you all love the vintage-y feel. Tomorrow when I get sorted, I will post up the blog that provided me with the images, don't they look cool!

Along with the new look is a new plan-ish thing. As I'm now doing a lot of crochet and sewing as well as my scrapping, I've decided to include these into the blog as they are part of my world. As well as some other bits and pieces.

All home type posts are going to come under my alter ego of The Crazy Housewife. You know, that person who lives in your head who thinks that you have loads of time to make stock from scratch and have a spotless house whilst holding down a job and looking after a toddler. So from time to time, she will take over and expand and explain her crazy.

I'm hoping that I can arrange it so that I have set topics per day, I've done a lot of bits and pieces for the last couple of months that I would like to blog so when I arrange a schedule I'll let you know.

Hope that you are all feeling lovely and creative, what have you guys been up to?

Love from
Elliefantasy xxxx