23 Apr 2012

Why doesn't anyone make attractive womens safety shoes???

Now technically this post is a bit irrelevant whilst I am at home for the rest of the year on maternity leave, but now I am at a point where I need to re-assess my wardrobe, the issue has raised its ugly head again.

I would like to try and trim my wardrobe a bit, put in some good pieces, get rid of the bad and retain those things that I love to wear (while making sure that it doesn't consist entirely of tracksuits) Yes I am now a mummy, but I wish to be a Yummy Mummy. I want to wear good clothes whether I am at work or home, and there are some clothes that I can't wear when I return to work. Some of those occur for reasonable reasons (shorts for example don't count as office wear) but some are out of the question simply because of my limited footwear choices. 

Now although I work in Sales, I do have to go out onto our factory floor on a daily basis, normally quite a few times and never at the same time of day. So I need to wear my safety shoes all day long, all week long. I have now got 3 pairs. One horrible pair of loafers, one pair of typical safety boots and one pair of Mary-Jane style shoes. Compared to some of my other Mary-Jane shoes, they are ugly in the extreme. But when put alongside most of the steel-toed shoes on offer for women, they are very presentable. Which is ridiculous. 

I do understand the need for safety shoes and would never jepordize my safety just for wearing some pretty shoes (and frankly our H&S department wont let me either) but there are some styles of shoes that would be very easy to make in a STC variety, and still look attractive.

Knee high booths are a classic example. It is actually possible to buy some, but only if you are happy looking like you are going to a BDSM club, which isn't a look I want to go for at work. All of my STC shoes are round-toed, and I have a very nice pair of knee high boots with a round toe and a small heel. So why can I currently only buy boots with a million zips and massive platforms on them.

And as an extension of that idea, what is wrong with nice ladies ankle boots. Its the same thing as a knee high boot, just cut some off the top? As a staple collection of shoes for work, I would say that I needed 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of ankle boots and 1 pair of high boots. And all of those could quite easily be made with STC. I am also happy to pay for these shoes as they will get the wear. I wore my Mary-Jane shoes Mon-Thursday for a year and they are only in need of a polish to put them back to new. 

This might seem to some as a trivial matter, but I believe that how good you feel in your clothing is important to how good you can feel in yourself. Its not the be all and end all, more like the chocolate in a cake. We all like any cake, but would prefer it to be chocolate. Nor do I think that I am in a unique position here. There are several industries where women are taking a more active roll on site; Engineering and Architecture for example, or those who frequently need to visit factories and worksites and those women must therefore also need safety footwear that fits in with their working wardrobe. 

So if there are any safety shoe manufacturers out there, please take pity on us poor women and make just a few really nice pairs of Steel toed shoes.

Thank you


PS for those who were expecting a more crafty post, I apologise, but this may well end up as journaling for a scrapbook page about my shoes.