28 Dec 2012

Changes to the way I craft

After a whirlwind year last year, and this year being the year I celebrate the big 30, I have decided to make some changes in my crafting focus. Cards are out, scrapping is in. Plus some house type crafts and sewing/wool based crafts.

I want to do this because I feel that I have made so many life changes in the last year that carrying on as I was is not the best use of my time. I need different crafts for different times to maximise my figit potential.

I also want to really focus in on scrapping. I want it to reflect on events in my whole life but also a snapshot of my life now for as much of the year as I can manage. Also as I am still very close to my schoolfriends I want to document all the ways that we celebrate as they are all going to be different. Plus do some as gifts which takes a lot of time.

I know I don't want to do Project Life, though listening to a recent podcast on Paperclipping Roundtable has adjusted my views on it. . I just managed Journal My Christmas last year, tho I have a few last posts to do possibly. I know I want my recording to reflect this special year and this may mean that as I get busier I have to change the way I record. I also want it to take many different forms.

I have decided to buy the Listography book as it's a great, quick way to document my likes and personal history in this landmark year. I am also taking Ali Edwards "Word for a year" class which sounds interesting, and the rest of my recording will probably be diary style entries to which I will dedicate a notebook or blog posts like this.

I also want to make sure that I am taking as many photos as possible to illustrate the points that I want to make, even if it means posing them or taking extra time from my day.

But what I don't want to do is let my documenting get into the way of the living. I don't want to create a massive task that I will resent by March which means I will miss an opportunity to reflect. Hence the dropping of card making, it is now a chore rather than a hobby. I also have baby albums to do and 2 wedding albums that I want incorporate mixed media and more arty elements.

So we'll see how we get on then. First order of business, tidy up my space!