21 Nov 2010

A quick catch up

Hello to all. Been very busy over here, haven't been posting but have been keeping up with everyone, and plodding along with all the crafting. I'm getting ready to do Journal Your Christmas, though hoping that I do better at this than I did at Learn Something New. I have made my album in advance for this one, and have a neat table with all my bits laid out for ease and convenience. 

Trying to get things tidied up as well, some of my projects have gone on a back-burner until after the xmas hols, and some have been moved forwards, mainly my Christmas cards that need to be finished off. I started loads and loads last year and have enough left over that with a bit of tweaking here and there, I can do for this year with a quarter of the effort. So all I have to worry about is the main family cards, but they always take just a bit more effort. I will post up the general cards later this week so you can all see. 

Other time has been taken by some planning for next year (next steps for me and OH and a fabby girly holiday to Turkey), some visits and an awful lot of work. The run into December looks very very full but full of lovely stuff (a shopping trip to london, Clothes Show Live @ the NEC, a lovely winter wedding and then XMAS! Its my nephew's first Christmas, which is why I'm taking the plunge with JYC, it will be a whole year of firsts, his first, our families first with a baby to think about, first time I am staying with my brother and his girlfriend, first year I have helped to organise a works Christmas Party, as well as all the things I love about Christmas, which should make for a really good album.

I am finding that this time of year is very hard for crafting decisions, and then blogging decisions. I can't mention some things because I know that certain family members are going to read this (that means you Mum!) I don't know whether I should be doing Christmas craft things or should I be doing things for me for the new year. How many presents should I hand make/have I got time to make them all? So much to consider. 

One present, all done and sorted, which is for a more distant family member is a collection of parts of my stash. She is a beginner crafter and hasn't got the means to go and blow a load of money on paper etc, and instead uses a lot of my MIL's. So I have sorted all my stash from top to bottom and come up with a very full RUB of paper and misc embellishments which should see her through. All I need to add is a few card blanks and a bit of glue/DS tape and she's good to go!

So there we have it. A little round up of news for you all. I will be aiming to get a few things posted up as they become finished, and from 1st December I hope to be doing frequent JYC posts. See's you about soon and good luck with all your Christmas preperations, crafting or otherwise. 

Love Elliefantasy