29 Jan 2013

One Little Word - Balance

This year I have decided to take part in Ali Edwards One Little Word Class and duly signed up at Big Picture on Jan 1st. And did some of the pre class tasks and then stopped. Life once more got in the way.

The purpose of the class is to take one word to think on during the year and Ali does some prompts to help. But part of the class is just to think on your word which I have actually been doing.

I chose my word, and to do this class for a particular reason. In October last year I was diagnosed with moderate Post Natal Depression. I have a minimum of 6 months of anti depressants which have helped in so many ways, essentially giving me back space in my head to assess what I am doing and plan things better. But I want to try to help myself. Balance is a word that struck me straight away. I am so unbalanced in most of what I do, so I need to try and regain some form of it to enable me to be able to come off the tablets at the designated time.

And the more I think about Balance, the more ways I can see how it applies in my life. How that sometimes its best to unbalance myself to make the most of the things that are going on around me. And how to deal with the consequence when I know that I then have to sacrifice some other time to do the things that I put off. How it is so hard to balance my time three or four ways to suit the different people that I have to be. How to balance my love of spending with my lack of money. How to balance having fun with LO but still being a responsible parent and not allowing bad habits, even if they are really quite funny. How to balance my love of Chocolate and Cake with my loathing of excercise. How to balance my love of having lots of people to celebrate my LO's christening with number restrictions.

Every time I think about the word I think of ways to apply it, or ways that I need to improve. It is such an important word to me at this time, it is the perfect One Little Word. Hopefully in the next few days I might even get chance to see what the first post is, if only to think on it for February. But with a major birthday party for a very close friend to prepare for, a Dangermouse costume to finish, and 3 days of work to endure, I doubt it!