12 Apr 2013

Changes to the way I craft - The Update

I have just jumped online and found my post from 28th December about how I want to change my crafting. Its interesting and affirming reading, as I have actually managed to achieve some targets on my list. So I feel its time for a recap.

Scrapping is definately in. By listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable when I'm cooking or driving or doing a task that keeps me away from my actual scrapping, I have been able to keep the hobby in mind, allowing me to think about things in my dead time. Now when I get to my room, I am ready to start straight away. I have realised it is fine if I don't sit down to scrap and come away with a finished page. This evening I have done some work on my Weddings album, selecting paper and sticking down photos, invites, orders of service and other bits and pieces. I have found that I still have some space for photos which means that these pages will remain unfinished. But that is fine. I've picked out the photos, edited them as needed and put them in the folder for ordering. And then I have moved on. So an album that has been sitting like an albatros on my shelves is finally seeing some progress.

My snapshot of my life at the moment isn't really started, I have purchased my Listography book, and started to fill in the lists, as well as taking photos at the first two birthday parties, but that is about it. I think this year is more of a Full Stop year, by which I mean that I am reflecting on my last 30 years and how I celebrate them, finishing off my existing projects and making sure that I can be all that I can, ready to move on next year. I am still keeping a month to month record of LO and as this is most of my life at the moment, it seems silly to add to the burden of more record keeping, especially when it will mainly say "Today I need more sleep". If this changes later in the year then great, but at this early stage I do not feel bad for not having achieved that much.

I have managed to keep up with One Little Word more or less. I have mostly completed January's task, I need a mass sticking session for february, just need to do the final update on March and begin April's prompt. So not muchto do! But the most important thing is that I have kept it in my head, I am constantly reflecting on my word and the lessons that I can learn are finally starting to stick in a way that they haven't before. So it is a success.

I have taken up Crochet as a good dead time hobby and also acquired long term use of a sewing machine, which has flexed my creative muscles, so that when I don't feel like scrapping I know that I can still be creative. I have realised, having done a few projects for some newer friends, and been complemented on them, that being creative is an important part of my personality and it makes me feel good to be known to be a creative person. Especially when the things that I make seem to bring joy to those that I give them too. It is the perfect marriage of my love of generosity and my love of making mess!

So, a good few months for being crafty. I'd love to hear how  your creative resolutions have been going, why not drop a line?

Love Elliefantasy xxx