14 Apr 2015

Photo collection

As mentioned previously I am currently (actually just finished) making a group scrapbook for a mummy friend who is moving away.

We have 10 "babies" of the first generation, plus 2 second gen (with 2 currently baking) Our biggies are all now past 3 years old and the group was started with its 8 founding members pre first baby. We had a year of maternity leave together and as many parties as we could cram in since. So that's a lot of events and a lot of photo opportunities.

And now to gather them all together in one place and in a short-ish amount of time. Well pre digital photos I would say it was impossible. No one would have had the opportunity to dig through boxes and boxes of pics to get copies done in time. And we probably wouldn't have had the variety.

Post digital, I had the first 3 girls pics within 24hours, which I received, checked and and saved to a central file, all from my phone. Group shots were plummed from Facebook and candids from our WhatsApp group chat. I have photos for the mummy that is going away without having to resort to sneaky spousal intervention.

But with all these images at our fingertips, it was still a bit of a struggle to find enough of the right pictures. Ten "babies" with equal coverage over 2 books (1 for Mummy and 1 for daughter) is actually a difficult ask, and we're a pretty tight knit group. We haven't got a single photo with all 10 mummies and babies in. We can't always manage to get 10 of us together anymore and spending time together is so precious that we have had to swap to the majority availability plan for selecting dates.

There is always too much happening when we do get everyone together to be thinking about pictures, though we constantly try to make the effort. And any parent will tell you that getting that many toddlers to look in the same direction, at the same time, is virtually impossible should you even get the opportunity. But it is such an important and magical thing to capture if it comes off and well worth the effort every time.

As I always tend to do when making things for someone else, I think about them, and our relationship and I'm so glad that we will be able to pass on this book of wonderful memories of such an important time. But it also reminds me that in this age when taking and sharing photos is so easy, it is almost a crime to not stop for a minute to capture the memories before they float away.

Love Elliefantasy xx

13 Apr 2015


Hi all.

Well the big room change is done. I am currently mid scrapbook (more in a minute but so good to be able to say that!)  so I can't share for a couple of weeks but the new arrangement Is Working and I Am Putting Things Back! I will do a full room tour later but it has been a considered effort to try and find a Space For Everything.

Now my room may have changed but my habits haven't, and in the midst of packing up my stash and moving it all round the room, I also volunteered to make a goodbye scrapbook for one of my mummy friends from our group. A joint effort but I am coordinating.

As I have unpacked and sorted, a pile of unwanted but still perfectly good papers and embellishments have formed ready for everyone's pages. Which was good as I felt a lot of them had been moved so many times but I just couldn't bear to part with them nor yet work out how they fitted with my new plans.

Photos and dates and information have also been gathered. More on this in tomorrow's post but let me just say that it is much easier in this time of universal device accessibility.

And now tomorrow night I have 4 friends coming to do their pages. I know that one may be a closet scrapper or card maker but the others are a mystery. I don't know if I am going to be explaining or just providing the space and the stash. And my general lack of confidence is now warring slightly with a level of pride as I do feel like I know what I'm talking about. I just don't want to be a bossy dictator.

I have the key elements ready in punched pockets and a selection of extra bits for added variety. I prepared in a way that is reminiscent of lesson/crop planning with my own page as an example. And the people coming are also good friends who won't judge me, I'm looking forward to it as a good evening in with the girls.

This week has already shown quite clearly that teaching is not something that I enjoy and that scrapping is something that I primarily do for myself, in my own time and in my own style. But it has reminded me of my love for memory keeping, pretty paper, sparkly things and cool gadgets. Which is just the boost I needed.

And if it does all go a bit wrong tomorrow, I can fall back on showing off my baking skills!!