3 Jan 2011

JYC 2010 29th December - Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake.

So we haven't  yet documented the Christmas Cake as yet. I like to make a homemade cake. It starts the Christmas mood off nice and early in October and its a traditional Christmas thing that I can actually do. I have a recipie that works year in year out, no matter what size I might like to make. 

I do make a lovely heavy fruit cake, but I am not so big on the soaking in copious amounts of brandy. So I compromise by letting it mature for the full 2 months but not adding any more brandy so that the cake still takes like cake. I do put cherries in, I don't put nuts in, which makes for a cake that the whole family can eat, from step-siblings through to grandparents. Last year, I made 3, 1 proper sized and 2 loaf tins. This year I went for just the one 10" round, which actually was massive when we cut into it. That did for a lot of people with a nice chunk in for us to take home. 

The cake will get marizpaned and fondant iced, as per orders from my OH. As children we didn't have icing as neither parent is a big fan, but it is a mandatory requirement for a happy marriage, and those who don't like it can always peel it off. I am not a professional cake maker, and mine normally are a little scruffy at the edges. I try for some decoration but it is a little hit and miss; the taste for me is the most important bit. 

I have again this year scored a 10/10 from all but my OH. He maintains that the 9/10 I get is a perfectly good score, and the only problem with my cake, is that it is not our wedding cake, made by his step-grandmother 3 years ago. I do put on a bit of affronted pride for amusement, but really I also know that our wedding cake was the most yummy cake I have ever eaten, and as I will never get the recipie, I will never get the one extra point. 

Love Elliefantasy xx

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