3 Jan 2011

JYC 2010 2nd January - Innocence

A trickly little subject really. Sort of boils down to why I like Christmas and that is a hard thing to pin down. Its reassuring to think that no matter who might have driven me mad throughout the year, I still relish the thought of giving everyone a gift that they might like and spending a little bit of time with them, just because its Christmas. And that everyone is just a bit more patient and a bit more good spirited, just because its Christmas.  That is the meaning of it for me, a chance to make amends for forgetting that message throught the rest of the year. (i.e. a chance to make up for being crabby and judgemental for 11 months of the year) 

New Year has its own message, just a fresh clean sheet and a few days to try and put some plans into action so that by the time it comes around next year, I might have learned or improved on something. This year I still have a few prompts of Learn Something New to do, so I intend to start again on the 7th when I've finished here.

Love Elliefantasy xx

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