6 Jan 2011

JYC 2010 6th January - And so to end

Twelfth Night at last. So to celebrate, here is a completely unrelated quote from the great playwright himself:

Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.
Twelfth Night, 3. 1

I have never been into the magic of twelfth night, being in an age where as soon as New Years is over then reality comes crashing back in completely unwanted. Our decorations are away and we are slipping back into that time where it feels like the holidays were just a dream. I also was never impressed with the idea that you had to wait until the last possible moment of the holidays to exchange gifts. 

I have enjoyed writing this journal though, as it has made me stop and think about the holidays and the season a little bit more. I have a record of what I did and when I did it so that it wont just become a blur in the coming months. I have not yet taken the opportunity to read through the posts and will probably do so when I come to construct the album proper in the next two months. Certainly the 1st of December seems an age away, rather than just 37 days. 

So, as far as JYC goes,  I will bid you farewell for the moment, and look forward to seeing you here on December 1st 2011.

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