5 Jan 2011

JYC 2010 5th January - Clean up

This post is a bit previous to be honest, as my decorations were all packed away Sunday. Although I like to have them up, putting them down again is always a bit of a chore and nothing that I want to tackle after struggling through work. Its always a bit sad when they come down and the rooms look so bare and cold without them. But I also like to start the New Year fresh and clear so despite the chore, I get them down as soon as is decently possible. We have the luxury of having a loft to put the decorations in, and this year the tree has been upgraded from the tatty box to "the cricket bag of no fixed purpose." This was a much better idea as the box couldn't fit the tree and the garland in and was beyond rubbish for getting up into the loft. The cricket bag has wheels and handles at both ends, plus enough room for the tree, garland, a spare hanging rail and the bear clothes. I have also splashed out on a new piece of cardboard to wrap the lights around, though I think there might only be 1 more year left in them.

Love Elliefantasy xx

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