3 Jan 2011

JYC 2010 31st December - "What are you doing New Years Eve"

The title of a song by Mary Margaret O Hara on one of my Christmas Albums. New Year for me should always be spent with friends rather than family. Christmas is a family time but there should be some dedicated celebration time for friends to enjoy as well. Even as children, we never spent New Years with family; we have a large group of friends that we see a few times a year and a lot of NYE's were spent with them, children and parents together, all children sleeping on the floor in one room (when we were small enough to fit) 

On memory that sticks in the mind is when we played full-sized Cluedo. We had 7 out of the nine rooms covered and sort of shouted from room to room as we moved about. It was very amusing and perfectly suited to the small amount of guests that we had that year.

As an "adult" I've done the pub thing and found it wanting. Like Christmas Eve, its a lot of fuss and cramped conditions for not a lot of benefit when the clock strikes 12. We now pick a house and head over with offerings of food and drink and play on the consoles or play party games as we so choose. Its a good opportunity to catch up with people that aren't about much in the year and make outrageous plans for the following year. It doesn't matter if you don't have a "special person" to kiss at Midnight either, we are all special to each other and normally there is a 5 minute period of emphatic hugging and kissing while the bells chime. This year was no exeption, although a little quieter due to illness. But we had an enjoyable time watching the firework display on tv, glad that we were in the warm.

Love Elliefantasy xx

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