12 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 12th December - Ghosts of Christmases Yet to Come

This year is the first Christmas for my 10 month old nephew. Which means that we will start to do the same Christmasy things that our parents did for us. With the patter of tiny feet not being in the too distant future, but still at least 2 Christmas's away, it will be interesting to see which traditions are kept and which are not. 

Surprises and the magic of Christmas are things that we will not get to expand upon for at least another 3 years, and it is fun to see the grown-ups getting more excited than my nephew, who is completely oblivious and will no doubt enjoy the wrapping paper more than the gift inside. 

I find myself now wondering about the moral issues of introducing the idea of Father Christmas, does it matter that he isn't real? This was a discussion recently had at work; I couldn't remember finding out, one colleague told her brother, another was told by his older sister at the fairly young age of 6. Now with children of his own at similar ages, he has put a very restrictive ban on his daughter so that his son does not suffer the same crushing disappointment. 

When looking further on to the future, it is the excitement and the magic for the children that I am most looking forward to. The hope that they will appreciate the season and the loveliness of the day as much as the presents that they receive. I am hoping that these are the ghosts of things that will definately be, rather than things that might be only. 

And to finish - my definative version of A Christmas Carol, has to be that performed by The Muppets. Without a doubt, a true Christmas Classic. 

Love Elliefantasy xxx

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