22 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 18th December - Food Glorious Food

There is nothing so lovely as Christmas Dinner. The one point of the year when you are permitted to gorge yourself silly. 2 years ago I ate so much food at lunchtime that I had to change into PJ bottoms as they were my only comfortable trousers.

And it's not just the dinner. There is the cake and mince pies, sweets, crisps and nuts. Normally a selection box will appear to be divided up with least favourite bars still in the fridge in July

This year we have come to a good compromise. My step dad is cooking dinner and has made a Christmas pudding, all of which will be sublime. I have made the Christmas cake and some stollen. My sister in law will be providing me with a lovely breakfast of scrambled egg, smoked salmon and bucks fizz and as a tea time treat I have a jar of gherkins for my stuffing and gherkin sandwich.

I have elasticated trousers to take this year so that my OH will not be disgraced again. Oh, and some indigestion tablets. Just in case ......

Love Elliefantasy xxx

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