8 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 8th December - "Do you see what I see"

Which is a line from one of my favourite carols, however bonkers it might actually be. 
(Think about it; The wind tells the sheep, who tells a boy, who tells a king, who tells everyone??)

Here are my pictures for today. Admire/Advise as you see fit. 

 Snowman purchased from Centre Parcs 3 years ago on our honeymoon
 PartyLite vase with baubles in, tree is not focused
Christmas Tree reflected in the oven door. 

Yes they are a bit arty farty but who cares :-D

Love Elliefantasy xx


Lis said...

Love the pics.

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

Cool photos - very arty farty indeed (but I love them!) Thanks for sharing