15 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 15th December - Visiting

I'm not going to write a big post today, after all we're keeping it short. But here is a list of people we will be seeing over the holidays. Just so you can see how manic things are.

My Brother and GF
My Mum and BF
His Daughters, their BF and my Nephew
My Nan, Grandad & Uncle, with my Mum and Bro
My Dad & GF, with my Bro & GF

My OH Dad and Partner, with OH Brother & GF
My OH Mum & BF, his sons and 1x GF with OH Bro & GF
My OH Nan & Grandad, with my OH Bro and GF

As many of my friends as possible.
As many of OH Friends as possible.

All packed into a busy and fun few days. 

10 more sleeps to go. Can't wait!

Love Elliefantasy xx

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