12 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 11th December - "O Christmas Tree"

I do love a good Christmas Tree. According to the definition in todays post, I am a sentimental person. Certainly I do not have a super co-ordintated "out of a box" tree - I don't agree with them outsite of hotels and shopping centres. 

I always remember the magic of childhood to come downstairs one morning and the tree would be decorated and lit. Later on, it was mine and my mum's job to do the tree, whilst my dad and brother would put up all the streamers. We had certain decorations that went up every year, though we never ever had a star or a fairy to go on top. Later still it was my job to light the tree, mainly because it was my fault that we had a string of 240 multi-functional lights to wrap around. It is now my sole job to do the tree and any other decorations in our house, and it goes up on the first free weekend in December, with as many lights as possible (despite them being a royal pain to put up), some paper chains and misc baubles and decorations. I am slowly collecting my own hanging ornaments, and this is something that will probably last me a lifetime. 

For me, it has to be artificial. For all those who love the smell of fresh pine, I love the smell of dusty tree straight from the loft. That is the real smell of Christmas. 

Love Elliefantasy xx

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