8 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 5th December - Advent

I have to admit to being one of those very lucky children whose parents brought them a Chocolate Advent calendar. There was always something wonderful about coming home from school on cold December days and having a guaranteed chocolate waiting for you. There were some years that we had Mars calendars, which had 3 fun-sized bars in at certain lucky points of the month. Weekends where always a waiting game to see how long my brother and I could last out before we ate our chocolate for the day. 

I remember there being a few years that it was decided that we were too old for advent calendars, and then I passed through to that point where it was up to boyfriends to buy them rather than my mum. I also remember having an advent calendar at junior school, and the magic of being able to light it, and the wonderful glow it gave whilst having a lesson.

Since I have been with my OH, most years his mum has brought us a calendar, or we have got them ourselves (and a couple of years we did both.) That led to a discussion over the different ways to deal with an advent calendar. I am a traditionalist; I open each door for that day, eat the chocolate and then leave the door open. My OH likes to close the door up at the end of the day so that he can open all the doors up to the current day every day. 

Last year I broached out and brought a Karen Foster countdown calendar, 25 little drawers that you can put sweets into. I went to our Cadbury outlet store and brought Roses chocolates only to find that the drawers weren't big enough. It will got used, but unfortunately was damaged by the leaky garage roof we had at our previous house. I didn't have time to make a new one this year, so I have a Malteasers calendar with a satisfyingly large box for the 24th. But I intend to make a new, personal one for next year to be re-used and become part of our Christmas tradition.

Love Elliefantasy xxx

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