8 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 4th December - Perfect Christmas

Hmmm, a tricky tricky thing to pin down really. For me, a perfect Christmas really is the happy bouncy tingly feeling that lasts through the holiday. But below is a list of things that would help contribute to the perfect Christmas:

  • Seeing all the family groups in 1 place at 1 time, even if it is for just a while.
  • Having a cuddle with my nephew on his first Christmas Day.
  • Spending a relaxed Christmas Day with my OH.
  • Having lovely presents.
  • Having a lovely Christmas dinner and getting up from the table feeling like I couldn't eat for the next week.
  • Having a stuffing and gherkin sandwich for Christmas Day tea. 
  • Spending time with all my family and friends.
  • Not feeling like I'm trying to hit a series of appointments, but instead drift from day to day enjoying the company. 
  • Having sparklers to play with on New Years Eve. 
  • Watching Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas morning. 

Looking at the list, most things are new to this years Christmas, except for the feeling of rushing from person to person. And next year, I imagine that this definition will change. But all that means is that a perfect Christmas is easily in my grasp, year after year.

Love Elliefantasy xxxx

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