26 Dec 2010

JYC 2010 23rd December - Early Morning Pressies

So, the great stocking debate. When we were children we had pillow cases at the bottom of our beds. Nice big pillow cases full of little presents to play with in the morning and keep us quiet until a sensible time for everyone else to wake. We were normally in the same room due to the number of relatives staying over so we could wake each other up without too much bother. It was satisfying to wake in the early hours of the morning to feel a lump at the bottom of the bed.

As we got older the pillowcases disappeared and a present on Christmas Eve was the order of the day. A couple of years ago we got some lovely stockings but to be honest I found them limiting for fitting a lot of presents in. So when we have children of our own I will have pillow cases, but I will try to personalise them to be long term keepsakes.

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