7 Jul 2010


Today has been a good day. OH and I both back @ work after The Big Move, keys to the old house have been given back, and we finally have t'internet back, which means that I can post again! Hooray!

So here is my WOYWW picture. Apologies, that again its boxes, but these are boxes that are to be unpacked. So I wont be linking up to the other WOYWW posts this week, but hopefully will have something to share properly next week.

The craft room is coming along. I certainly have the space to play with. Some things are coming along very nicely, some things have yet to find a home. The room is a lovely shade of cream (Ivory from B&Q Colour range if anyone is interested) I have accepted the green carpet and redesigned my scheme so that now I have shades of cream, green and beech wood. When money and time allow, I will finish all the sorting and tidying up and put proper pictures up.

Family tree - The home-made digi kit idea is something that I am still playing with, and I will do a further post tomorrow. However I did have a flash of Weetabix induced inspiration this morning, that the glass pattern on the front door would make a very good background pattern on a page. All I have to do know is work out a way of photographing it so that I can get it into Corel and start to play. For those that are undecided over their photo package choice, I use Corel Paint Shop Photo. I've been playing with free 30 day trials of X2 and X3 and have just purchased X2 Ultimate as my package of choice. But again, more of this tomorrow.

Love Elliefantasy

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