14 Jul 2010


What a messy desk! I honestly did have it tidy on Sunday night. All the paperwork was filed, the final boxes unpacked and everything clipped nicely up. But on Monday I found out that a friend of mine had got another opportunity to go holiday repping in Greece and was leaving on Friday. So the first thought that popped into my head was "mini-book" Which is the little blue book in the sort of clear space on the desk. I'll post up proper pictures tomorrow but i'm very pleased with it since its only taken me a couple of days, didn't cause me much of a headache to make, and is a nice mix of digital and proper scrapbooking. And its the first project made in the new craft room! (small fanfare) I am now back to being a scrapbooker and it couldn't have come quickly enough.

Love Elliefantasy xx


Thistleblue said...

Hey, thanks for sharing your desk! and well done on the fab mini book! What a sweet idea for your friend!
Happy WOYWW!

Julia Dunnit said...

Well done - I wonder if your friend's departure was the deadline you needed toget stuck in and not worry about the new-ness - either way, a great way to christen your new space!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wonderful project! your friend will love it! lucky girl to have you for a friend.

Spyder said...

Your picture is sooo much better when 'blown up' I mean enlarged! Two, screens? well why not! I have more plugs then you though!! and more wires leadng everywhere...and my corner punch is the only punch that never gets put away, it's always on the shelf so I can find it...love the mini book!!