10 Jul 2010

Digi Kits from Scratch

Yes, I realise that this post is two days later than promised, but Thursday was taken up with finding BF's birthday present in time for weekend and Friday with driving to my mum's (which is where this post is being written - apologies for the lack of photographs)

So, Digital Kits from scratch. When I first had the idea for doing myself a heritage digital kit, it seemed like a simple thing to do. Get some background papers and some fun elements, some family information and then off you go. But actually it is much more difficult than that. Even getting started caused me some trouble. I wanted this kit to be something that is designed by me, for me, for the purpose of doing all of my family scrapbooks, but that if I deemed good enough, could be offered as a free download for others to use. I want the albums to have an old style feel, lots of shades of old, faded paper, old record cards and typewriter style fonts. Obviously there will be some totally individual pages tucked here and there, but there needs to be an overriding continuity to the whole project.

My first step was to find an image of a record card, which I have manipulated in Paint Shop and make blanks of to be used as my family record cards. The second step was to find some images of old paper. This lead me to a variety of websites which are banks of photos of different textures, all free. This will be invaluable, not just for this project, but also for future digi-scrap kits I might attempt.

And the third step, although not put into action just yet, was to look around me and see what can be used to aid my design. Our doors and bathroom windows have a lovely swirled frosted glass effect which, if I can capture and edit, will look great as a background or as an embellishment. I also have a large corsage in just the right colours, which will make a wonderful embellishment. Everything around me seems to have potential, and whilst I am compiling the digi-kit I shall try to post pictures of the original item and the finished texture/item for you to see.

Love Elliefantasy xxx

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