25 Jul 2010

Accordian Books, Apologies and Goo

Hello to all. Thank you again for all the lovely comments on the WOYWW post this week. I managed to get both mine and my step-sisters accordian books done as you can see. For a more detailed view, I have uploaded a flickr slideshow. The original site that held the design was here and I really really love this style of book for a relatively quick and easy to construct mini-book.

The apology relates to the scrapbook layout that was half finished on the desk, for which I did get a few comments. I did get it done on Thursday night and it did look very good. However nephew's mummy has decided not to post pictures of bub's on Facebook and I haven't managed to ask her yet if she minds me making an exception to this blog. So next week I will try to post a layout that you will actually get to see the finished result of, I promise.

I have had a bad (or good) week for spending money this week. Thursday I managed to dodge the torrential downpour and get to The Range, ostensibly to buy DS tape. They didn't have any that I liked, but they did have a bin of cheap stamps, so I got 3 forever friends stamps. They had an offer on embellishments so I got myself and my mum some lovely buttons and some nice flower embellishments for me. And then I found the sale section! So I managed to bag myself some glittery paper and a cheap 12x12 album! All of the above came to a pretty penny so I told myself "no more spending"

I lasted until Saturday when I popped into my local craft shop to get the DS tape that I actually like. Its mostly a sewing shop but the lovely lady who runs it does stock some paper craft bits and pieces. And on the shelf I saw some Fantasy Film. I saw this stuff in a magazine, Papercraft Inspirations or SC&P and I really loved it. There were only 2 colours, Lilac and Brown (?) so I brought the lilac pot. When I got it to the till, the owner informed me that she didn't really sell a lot of it as no-one knows what its for, but she can get me other colours if I want! I found some wire when I got home and had a dip. It came out quite well, but OH wasn't that impressed when I interupted the GP qualifying to show him!

Hoping that you are all having fun doing whatever you are doing
Love Elliefantasy xx

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Charlie said...

Poor Gus, I can imagine how completely unimpressed he was. Even more unimpressed than normal!