11 Jul 2010

Getting things organised vs the onset of OCD

I like things to be organised. But now that I have the craft room and am starting to get all my little bits and pieces out of boxes, I am starting to wonder at what level do I stop organising it all.

The ideal state would be to have every possible thing to hand and be able to grab and select without having to move from my chair. This isn't quite possible, unless I had some kind of circular super-desk with robot arms that brought me things on command.

I have been having frequent discussions on this topic with my mum, who is also a scrapbooker/card-maker. We have both decided that boxes of paper should be available without having to lift other boxes to get to them. And that often used "machinery" like Robo's, Xyrons and Cuttlebugs should be on shelves, easy to reach and just as easy to put away.

But surely, if one is not careful, one will come to a point where too much time is spent organising and tidying new stash away, rather than getting it all out to be used. I would rather have five wonderful layouts and a messy desk than a perfectly organised space with nothing to show for it. And rather play with any new stash than spending two hours sorting it into the correct space.

So fellow scrappers, don't forget whilst in the pursuit of your perfect crafting space, that it is a space to do some crafting, and not a space to show off your stash. Those places are called Craft Shops!

Love Elliefantasy

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Spyder said...

Love these little jars!