24 Jun 2010

Family tree

Hello to all. First I feel I should issue a warning. The online blog class has now been completed and I heartily recommend that you go and pay it a visit if you haven't. Henceforth all mumblings, rantings and ponderings are of my own invention.

So, to begin with, I am launching a massive digi project for myself. I am currently researching my family tree, and have now got to the stage where I have bits and pieces everywhere and no central place for the storage and record of information. I had always intended to finish the project with scrapbooks detailing out the family tree, but had never been happy with the solutions for dealing with the vast quantities of information, or having to pick definately pre-designed papers and embellishments that will probably go out of style and stock as the years go by and will cost a small fortune to maintain.

But last night, in a flash of washing up induced inspiration, I came up with the idea to solve all my woes. I can do all the pages as digi-pages. I am fairly handy with digital imaging software (if I do say so myself) and so the task of designing my own papers and embellishments is one that fills me with excitement and not dread. And, if undertaken properly from the start, I can turn the digi pages into either a presentation or a proper family tree based dvd.

So from now, be prepared to be witness to my first tentative efforts in digi-kit making. Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. The only concern I have now, is that with a dish-washer arriving in a few days, where will my inspiration come from now?

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