11 Jun 2010

WOYWW (better late than never)

Todays online blog class is about regular features, but for the second time (and quite unknowingly I promise!) I have already started this with a WOYWW thread. So as its late, I thought I would continue. But unfortunately there is nothing on my desk! :-(

After finishing off the baby book last weekend (pics of which I hope will arrive soon by way of flickr photostream) I came to the unfortunate conclusion that I really did need to start packing and the best place for me to start was the craft stuff. So all the bits I had used got tidied away, the clip-it-up got unclipped and the teetering pile of page protectors, chipboard albums and other bits and bobs got put into a box. After that I got a bit bored, so went in search of a cup of tea and matching buscuit and nothing else got packed.

But this week we wrote out the novelty cheque, and many many more boxes have been found and donated so its really time to get it all packed away. I am still refining the ideas for the new room, which might result in some lovely sketches, and I had a fairly large session on Two Peas and downloaded all the free digital kits that took my fancy. So there are still opportunities for crafting.

My desk is bare, which makes for a very depressing WOYWW
. So instead, please find a picture of my chipboard bits, ready and waiting for when I am free.


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