14 Jun 2010

Where are we now

Any of you who live a long way from friends and family will know that there are certain times of year that you tend to make trips back "home". For me, the first half of the year, normally until July, is fairly evenly scripted out, depending on whose birthdays I wish to hit, and whose I unfortunately have to miss. My friends and family are normally very obliging in this respect by having birthdays which are close together, which makes date picking easy, but weekends very busy.

But this year I might have to miss out on a birthday celebration of a best friend, mainly due to the uncertainty of the Big Move. This is one of the key birthday celebrations of the year. I have never missed it before, it is one of the few times in the year that we guarantee all to be together in the same place, unlike Christmas when we are all trying to make time around various family commitments. It is a good opportunity to mark changes that have happened in the last 12 months, take note of friends who were sure to have been around last year, but are definately not expected to join us this year.

The manner of the celebration will also change, depending on the events of a year. We started by celebrating with house parties, then by long nights of clubbing, then with holidays. Now we will celebrate with a noisy evening at the pub, or as last year, a day at Thorpe Park and a late night barbeque at the birthday girls house, almost coming full circle with our teenage selves.

With the changes that have happened in the last 12 months, and particularly the last 3, I am hard pushed to guess what manner the celebrations will take, I only know that they will always be filled with love and laughter.

Love Elliefantasy

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