13 Jun 2010

I will Scrapbook this

Having spend most of my weekend packing and cleaning, I thought I would take some time out for a little blog post. I'm on the final weeks worth of prompts for my online class but have reached a sticking point. So before I start the post for prompt 12, can I first put out a little plea for any of my readers who did Shimelle's class, or anyone who is interested in joining in.

Prompt 11 was all about Blog Parties. Because I am not doing this class "live" I have missed out on all the parties which were done in time with the prompt. So, what I am asking dear readers, is a) is anyone doing a party that they don't mind me joining? or b) is anyone interested in joining a party that I start? If I do host my own, it will be in a few weeks (ie after the Great Move) when I have all my stash available and lots of time to play. If you are interested, please can you leave a comment and i'll get back to you asap.

Prompt 12 - I will Scrapbook this.
Naturally, with all my stash packed away, I have become super inspirational and random scrapbooking ideas keep popping into my head. Some I have recorded, some are quite silly and might not make it to the page, and some appear when I am nowhere near either pen, paper or phone. So, as per prompt instructions, I am going to try and record them here.

Today's is football related (shamless bandwaggon jumping I know) and can potentially be used as an argument as to why some women shouldn't really be into football. I am a vague fo
llower of the beautiful game. I am an Arsenal supporter thanks to my step-dad and best friend, and have been to watch 1 Emirates Cup match and 1 Premiership match. I will quite happily sit through MoTD and for the last 3 years have run our office Fantasy Football League. But as a woman I find great amusement in things that are probably not meant to be found funny.

A classic example is the Hiddink/Ancelotti situation. For those that don't know, at the end of the 2008/09 season Chelsea were managed by Gus Hiddink, who consistently stated that this was a temporary post, given his prior commitment to the Russian national side. So at the start of the 200
9/10 season a new manager stepped up to the plate, Carlo Ancelotti. And for a whole season I have (and still) maintained that Ancelotti is actually Hiddink in disguise. I have spend 9 months of happy and vocal amusement, much to the bemusement and eventual boredom of my OH. Which just goes to show that really I shouldn't be watching it if I'm not going to take the whole thing just a little more seriously. However ladies, see what you think. I mean they do look very similar! (Hiddink is on the top)

Just as a guide to my easy amusement levels, yesterday I saw a man walking a greyhound and a dauschound. This kept me going for 5 minutes!

Love Elliefantasy xx

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what a blog party is... but I'm totally there!