3 Jun 2010

Shoes, glorious Shoes!

When I was little I would have sold my soul for a pair of "cointy" shoes. "Cointy" was the best way to describe the sound high heels made when in motion. My mum had a pair of green ones (this being the 80's) and I loved trying them on and attempting to walk in them, although with little success. My shoe collection at that age consisted of hand-me down trainers and patent leather t-strap Magic Key shoes, which came with a little plastic key shaped badge that unlocked the door to my imagination, although nothing else.

A few years later, whilst at secondary school, Doc Marten boots were the must-have item. I managed with a pair of slightly cheaper black ankle boots, which were quickly given the name of "clod-hoppers" by my nan, along with the plaintive question of "why couldn't I wear nice lady-like shoes?"

GSCE's and A Levels were accompanyed by my Pod shoes, which lasted for years and were the first pair of shoes that I was genuinely sorry to see go. Yes they were expensive at the time, but Dad, they really really did last! Also, anyone who said that Kickers were a waste of money can eat their words, because they did me for 3 years of Saturday work without any complaint! The end of my teens and early 20's introduced me to the wonder of knee high boots and lady like ankle boots, with a few sets of strappy sandals thrown in for good measure. (The pod shoes were still going at this time, able to enjoy a rest due to the variety of footwear that I had accrued)

So I was well into my 20's before I finally got my hands on the legendary "Cointy" shoes. I saw this pair online and had to have them. So far my total count of wearing them on nights out is 2. And on both occasions I had to take emergency back up shoes. Cointy shoes are not comfortable at all. But they still look oh-so-pretty and they still make that magical noise, the noise that says "Yes, I am a grown-up, see me in my grown-up shoes!" So, despite the discomfort, I shall keep these for a very long time. They might even outlast the Pod shoes!


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