1 Dec 2011

JYC 2011 Dec 1st - Manifesto

Its the 1st of December again! But I find myself in remarkably different circumstances than I was expecting. Not that I wasn't expecting to be "expecting" but I wasn't expecting to be so far along. Or so big.

Some other changes from this year to last year include a new car for baby and having to change my craft room 2 or 3 years earlier than expected. Whilst most will be doing Xmas shopping or putting up their decs, my poor OH will be painting and building me a new craft room so that I can move into the smaller room and let Bumpy have my nice big one. (I will be putting up the tree and whatever other decs I can manage as I am banned from going upstairs on Saturday unless bringing cups of tea. Which is fair. Overall I am happy with the changes but I feel like I have really underestimated just how exhausting and imposing pregnancy can be on all aspects of life. All the energy that I normally have to put into being excited about Xmas is  just not there and if I don't get a shift on, neither will some presents.

For those who are interested, after last years success for blogging but lacking of album, I took a totally new approach some time in June this year. My 2010 album was sat on the desk with no end in sight because it was far far too small. At that time I seemed to take notice of American Crafts albums and WRMK divided page protectors, mainly through some of my fav bloggers, Shimelle of course, and Laura over at Lazy Dynamics certainly spring to mind as being very taken with these albums. So I have come up with a nice, small but on-going idea which I shall show later in the month. But it means that all I have to do for moment is worry about blogging. Which I can do from my PC or my phone so it doesn't matter if I'm away from home. Or if I miss a few days.

Lastly a look at the Welcome Message mail today. I have the following to add.
I will believe in .... Santa (cos I always do!)
I will be grateful for ...... some time to rest
I will always remember.....Being pregnant for the first time and the differences it brings.

Love Elliefantasy (& Bumpy)


Hey Birdie Designs said...

Oh, look at you! Definitely a very different JYC for you this year. Such a special one it will be.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy this last Christmas before your little one!!! xoxo

Digi Deana said...

I believe in Santa too! Congrats on your pregnancy.