5 Dec 2011

JYC 2011 5th Dec

No picture today which is symbolic as I have no advent calendar. That's right, no calendar. None, zilch, zippo, none whatsoever. A tragedy in chocolate form.

The problem actually is the chocolate. I looked in Tesco and Sainsbury and could only find ones for children. I'm far too old to be counting down to Christmas with Thomas the Tank Engine or Peppa Pig. And those advent calendars tend to run high on licence cost and low on chocolate quality. I like Cadbury's. Well like is an understatement. I will accept Mars chocolate, Malteasers, Thorntons, any proper chocolate but not cheap nasty chocolate for 24 days on the trot.

The Cadbury factory shop had run out of Calendars when I went on 30th, which was probably a little too late to start shopping. And now I am not having one on principle. Though I feel like the only person I am hurting is myself. And I am sure if I see a suitable one I will jump on it and open the first 5 doors with gusto.

Love Elliefantasy xx


Alison said...

Hi,I've popped over from 'class'....you have made me chuckle tonight- the phrase 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' springs to mind! Have started my JYC, but not photographed or posted any of it yet!
Alison xx

Gwen said...

lol, I don't blame you! The bad chocolate just isn't worth it, but it's kind of ridiculous that they don't have decent ones for grown ups. I saw some in the store here for the states the other day, but passed them by as they were the cheap kind and not attractive either! I hope you find one!

Wendy said...

hehe cutting of nose etc but with the horrible chocolate you get in some I quite agree. The best thing you can do is look in the sales and see if you can pick up one of the fabric ones with the pockets then in October and November watch for buy one get one frees on the funsize packs then drop on in each. Makes for a lovely treat.