2 Dec 2011

JYC 2011 2nd Dec

Weather for the South West  -Slightly colder than before but generally cloudy, no rain. Temp at time of writing - 7 dgC

Which doesn't sound too bad, except we have the window wide open in the room next door trying to get rid of the smell of paint and white spirit. My lovely Winnie the Pooh mural is no more than a slightly darker shadow, but the wooden area is now a lovely clean white all the way over. 

Back to the weather again today and we had another pregnancy fail. I parked my car too far to the left and so struggled to get between it and neighbours car to scrape the ice off the window. For the last few days it was just condensation but this morning, it was definately icy. So sent OH out with instructions to buy de-icer as well as paint. 
However I did enjoy once again using the heated seats in the car, which work much quicker than having the fan on. 

Picture above is this years mitten and hat combination. Last year I went for a tasteful cream woollen hat. Which OH tumble dried and shrank. Also I had understated black mitten gloves for driving. Which unravelled at the thumb. This year I have gone for childish and fun. Much better. 

Love Elliefantasy (& Bumpy)


Hey Birdie Designs said...

Love the hat and gloves, didn't fancy a photo modelling them then? :)

Tracy said...

I love your mitten and glove sets. We have hot Christmases here and in fact hardly ever get to wear hats and mittens

karen said...

What fun hat and mittens. Hope the paint smell fades soon.