5 Dec 2011

JYC 2011 4th Dec

I am trying to make this year's stories about the present day as last years stories ended up being about past Christmas's. Thankfully today we finally rounded out a lot of our plans and we're all set for a pretty perfect Christmas. I want a slightly different type of Christmas day this year, one that focuses more on relaxation than frenetic activity. I am happy to be spending the day with family, but also happy that its not the whole family so it wont be too overwhelming. I'm looking forward to giving my nephew his present, but this year seeing him be able to open it himself, rather than showing him how to do it. And a small part of me is looking to enjoy this last Christmas where our family is just OH and I.

And in the spirit of perfection, this is the new lovely craft desk that OH & FIL made for me. I still need to find places for everything and the pursuit of a perfect craft room layout is still nowhere within my reach.

Love Elliefantasy xxx

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