19 Oct 2011

Mid Octoberly Post of an Updating nature

So, epic, epic fail with LSN again. I can't seem to remember to do it, but I have no problems with doing JYC? Maybe this is something that I need to learn?? I have a pile of purple, paper, album and embellishments still sat on my desk in a very accusatory nature which I need to find a space for out of my sight.
I have actually not been doing too badly with the whole crafty stuff, especially as Bumpy is limiting my craft time by making me very very sleepy after work days and making my posterior sore after sitting for too long at the weekends. I have a pillow and a cushion but after a while its just not enough. So what have I been doing? (warning, epic post with pics to follow)

Well, whilst the world is starting to gear up for Christmas, I have been gearing up for weddings. Well one wedding in particular where I will be making the stationery. I haven't done this since my own wedding, but its proving a fairly un-daunting task so far. Mainly because we are scraplifting a design from somewhere else, using the very popular english rose/Cath Kidson theme. I am not a fan of this style myself, and making a design using a style that you don't like is a bit of a challenge, but hey, its not my wedding and therefore not my problem. So we now have a design, some rather nifty blanks from Craft Creations and all I need to do is find vast quantities of cream and pale blue card.

So what am I doing about the big "C" word that we mentioned earlier. Surely as a crafter, I should be sat slaving over a pile of barely started cards. Well I've actually finished some that I made a couple of years ago, that needed special envelopes. I've designed them, printed and folded them and they are ready if I need them. I've also done the same for another set of teeny cards I made. But my actual, sort of cheaty plan for the year is to make a digital image from our 20 week scan photo (that we get next week) and get photobox to print my cards for me. Only OH isn't that impressed with the idea of Bump with a santa hat on. I haven't pressed the issue, as I need to see if I can do it first. If it doesn't work then I've got a load in backup so my time is relatively free.

The project I should really be starting soon though is the baby book. I've cut out a lot of 6x6 squares of apricot, pale yellow/green/blue card and put the apricot through the bind it all. I now love my bind-it-all (the key for this was reading the instructions properly and then then having a play. I've also got a 3/4 finished book done for nephews 1st xmas, all punched, just waiting for more pics)
The original plan was to have 1 book but I don't think that I'll get wires big enough. So I'm going to do 4 books, each a different colour card, 1 for the pregnancy, 1 for the labour story, 1 for general info (family tree, what happened on d.o.b, general worldy info) and the last for the 1st year story. I haven't yet printed any photos of the pregnancy, and tbh haven't taken many at all, even bumpy photos. There didn't seem to be much point when there was no bump but as I've now "popped" I might start to take a few. OH and I have planned a "baby-moon" so my aim is to get the photos taken and printed to work on the first part of the book then, colour to be decided when we know the sex of the baby.

So that's me for a bit. I'll try to take a few pics and do a post later in the week for my JYC pre and post planning, the result of a rather good idea.

Love Elliefantasy xx

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