6 Sep 2011

LSNED 2011 - 2nd - 6th September

2nd September
Morning sickness doesn't go, just because you want it too. 

3rd September
Sometimes you find just what you are looking for when you least expect to find it
Don't put things off until later, you might find what you worry about isn't the case.

The first of these lessons refers to the fact that we found our ideal pushchair in our local babyshop with £100 deducted from the price. We had gone in mainly to look at a specific bedding set but when they didn't have it, we decided to have a look around at the pushchairs. Having decided we couldn't see what we wanted, we were on our way out when we saw "our" pushchair, right by the door. It was the last in the shop and they weren't going to stock any more. Total bargain. 

4th September
I am not used to being hormonal
I need to pace myself better.

These come from what felt like a wasted Sunday. Having lots of plans to tidy and sort, I ended up falling asleep on the sofa all afternoon. And then feeling overly grumpy that I hadn't had as productive a day as Saturday. 

5th September
Going to bed at 9pm if I am tired is a perk not a worry.

6th September
I can see things in the light that they were meant, and I must learn to keep this up. 

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alexa said...

Lovely lessons, and I can see that many of us can profit from some of these! Hope the morning sickness will ease ... Well done on keeping up with LSNED despite it all.