3 Aug 2010

Stuff and Fluff

Quick evening post as a catch up. First thing is a small cry for help. I have started my "Wooden Boat" layout but have got totally stuck with it. I fiddled about with it on Sunday night and fiddled about tonight and the most I have been able to decide upon is this. Wooden Boat and title in the top left and lyrics printed onto vellum-y type paper coming down the page. I have a wedding dress topper and a car image that I can put on (please see the lyrics for explanation) but I don't know where to put them. And I'm not sure if I need anything else. I am unfortunately not brave enough to leave large empty spaces on my pages just yet.

What I did manage to acheive over the weekend (aside from getting rid of most of the moving boxes!!!) was making 2 wedding cards and a 21st Birthday card. 1st card attempt took a long while until I got something I was sort of pleased with. But then took down to OH, who objected to the quality of the printed sentiment.

So later I dug through my premade cards and found an undecorated voucher card, made to try out a masterclass from Papercraft Inspirations. Much Better. Out came my Forever Friends decoupage, some Papermania flowers and some wedding sentiments and very quickly I had a card that I really liked. Only problem is that I have no envelope and when I tried to make one, yet again, I made it too small. So that's a problem to solve on Thursday.

21st Birthday card was easy but that's because I was using Craftwork Cards Everyday Chocolate goody bag that I got at Stamperama Feb 2009.

The other very useful thing I managed to do at the weekend was order my new paper trays from Storage 4 Crafts, as they were very considerate in having a 15% discount event all weekend! So I have 10 trays coming for me and 10 coming for Mum, to be swopped with the craft robo consumables that she ordered for me. So soon both of our craft spaces will be clean and tidy (well Mum's might; mine, with all certainty, will not) and we will be crafting away to the din of the Robo. Happy Days!

Will see you all tomorrow for WOYWW, or in my case, How Much of a Mess Have You Made Wednesday!

Love Elliefantasy xx

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