19 Aug 2010

WOYWW (better late than never)

No, you don't have to tell me today is Thursday, I know. I have had a butt bustingly busy 2 weeks at work (to the point that I had to drag myself from my bed into the pouring rain on Saturday morning) and I just didn't want to play yesterday. But as a treat (sort of) this pic to the left is my desk as it sat at half past five. Quite clear now, all I have to do is dig my way through 55 e-mails! No bother!

This pic is of my workdesk, lovely and messy as normal. I have a half finished page for my nephew, the craft robo is sat in pride of place and I have the remnants of the packet of Planets that we got at the cinema on Friday. So far I have been able to keep OH from nicking my share, as he wolfed his down in one sitting. For those who saw Monday's post about the wonders of Glossy Accents, the stuff on the craft mat is the work in progress. I'm happy with the letters, and the flowers are to have little pink flowers put in the middle. Its the big brackets that are causing me inspriation issues.

And the other pictures are the finished tag book (hooray!) for those who wanted to see it finished. I haven't put any embellishments on the pages as I just didn't have anything suitable. So when I get to Tesco's tomorrow I am going to grab myself a few proper writing pens and write some little comments by the pictures to make up for it. I'm very very happy about how its turned out, and will be making another one very very soon. I just love the way that the book opens up like a cracker and then folds up so neatly. And for colours that were really only picked at random, they work together so well with the theme and the pictures.

Very excited to give it to its intended this weekend over a Jamie Oliver curry, all to preceed a work planned (well I planned it for work) day at the seaside (weather permitting). I have arranged a Photo scavenger hunt (well, I'm going to do one, that is tonights job!) for the kids and "not so little" kids so we'll see if we can get another minibook out of that. And at the start of September I shall be starting Shimelle's latest class. Maybe I'll even see you there?

Hope you had a Wonderful Wednesday. Hop and skip to Julia's to see what everyone else got up to this week.

Love Elliefantasy xx


Claireliz said...

great workspace, thanks for sharing

Spyder said...

well, it' Friday now, so I'm really late!! Lovely work desk you have, very tidy, and a great keepsake.


Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Great workspace! Love your creations.


Twiglet said...

The tag book looks good - great idea for a little book.

Julia Dunnit said...

Never to late Elliegal! Your real desk looks scarey efficient and your workdesk looks welcoming. Well done on the mini book - it looks great and so cheerful!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Love the little Poo booklet/card. I am curious as to why I think I am seeing three computer screens.

Bluefairy4U said...

Well if your late what am I, I have nearly come to the end of the list that I was determined to get through. Lovely desk and the tag book is beautiful, bet the recipient will love it. Big Hugs JO.xxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That tag book is great. Thanks for showing the finished piece. And I love those parentheses. They are wowsers.

Sorry I'm late visiting, but my computer contracted a virus on Wednesday. It's still not fixed, but I had to make sure I wasn't infecting anyone before I resumed my visits. Happy belated WOYWW.


That tag book is so cute! I love things that transform! Still haven't gotten to everyone's blog and here it is time to post another tomorrow! I'm working on it already. lol