4 Aug 2010


Hello to all and happy WOYWW! When you are done here, head on over to Julia's to join in the fun.

So, what's on my desk. Well, I have made some progress on the tag mini-book. The pages are all stuck together and the holes are punched. The pictures at the front are those that I have chosen to go in, and are mounted on the cut off card so they all co-ordinate. The white piece of paper nect to them has a few stamped tiggers on them, waiting to be coloured in. The yellow piece of card next to the book has stamped letters, mounted on with tacky glue, waiting to be cut and stuck on the front with the picture next to it.

And all the rest is mess, glorious glorious mess! The white box in front of the monitor is Poirot Series 1 box-set. I find that crafting allows me to catch up on my tv and helps me to find the time to wade through a very large backlog of dvd box sets. And for those that have asked, I do have 2 monitors, mainly because my OH brought himself a very large one and asked if I wanted his old one, which I was allowed as well as the one I already had! It is very handy for digi-crafting as you can have your photo/picture software open on one screen and your folder containing all your bits and pieces on another. Or you can play a dvd. Or whatever. I am, needless to say, a very lucky girl!

Off to hop about your desks now, as well as working on the mini book and cooking tea. And for those who are very lovely and very helpful, I put up a plea for help on yesterday's post. If you get time, please can you put in your 2 peneth worth of advice.

Thanking muchly
Love Elliefantasy


Violets Corner said...

Such interesting mini book you're working with! Please show a close up when you're ready!


Tracey said...

Love to see your book when it's finished and a lovely workspace too.

Lizzybobs said...

looking forward to seeing your book - thanks for sharing with us ;O)

Angie said...

I am so behind this week that I've given up but had to visit the last one ....You. I am looking forward to seeing your mini book.

May I add ...'Chaos Rules' LOL

Brenda said...

Will be nice to see the mini book when it's ready. Had a look at you earlier posts, nice to see you have your own little space for play now! Have a great weekend.


Phree said...

Lovely busy workspace with lots going on. Your mini book looks like a fun project.

Spyder said...

def a pooh fan...hope we're going to see the finished mini book...I'm behind to, forgot where I got to, so started again at the bottom!! Thank you for the snoop, have a great woyww on Saturday


TinaB said...

Great space!! Sorry I am so late posting xx I would love you to pop to my blog for a chance to win my candy :0) It's Here

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would love to see your mini book when you complete it. I wish I could craft and watch TV. I simply don't seem to be able to do both. I'm sorry to be so late getting here. It was a great snoop, though. Happy belated WOYWW.

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I had to go get my glasses to read the teeny print, but it's OK, it was worth it. Man I'm so old. The album is coming on a treat - I keep telling you how I love the bright colour right?!! Your desk isn't nearly as chaotic as the one I have my back to - really, I can't bear to look at it!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Don't forget to show the album, if you wish, when completed. You may want to use a little bigger font, very hard to read.

Chrissie said...

I've nearly got to the end of the list, even if it's taken me all week!
Lots going on here.DO show us the finished article!

Darcy said...

great space and that mini boook is looking fab, look forward to seeing it finished.