16 Aug 2010

I love Glossy Accents!

I love the way that it just makes everything lovely and shiny, just like glossy bubble stickers! And I love that you can also use it as a glue and cover it in glitter!

Having spent a very large amount of my week at work, and postponed plans for the weekend so that we could both relax, I thought that it would be the perfect opportu
nity to do some scrapping. I finished off the Wooden Boat page (see below), had a go at a page to contain a couple of pics of my mum & I, and then stopped into Shimelle's a couple of times to see what was about. I decided have a go at a couple of her ideas, but not to worry about linking up, getting some inspiration, without the pressure of making things super pefect.

But once again when I sat down I found that I just didn't have quite the right bits to get the look I wanted to achieve, mainly with my titles. I like alphabet stickers (tho
ugh please don't get me started about rub-ons, they just don't work for me) but didn't have quite the right ones for the titles I wanted to do. But thankfully, my wonderful mother had posted up my new Craft Robo bits, so I decided to dust it off and have a go. My first attempt is still a work in progress as i'm still waiting for some inspiration, but tonights attempt is all finished and waiting to dry.

The font is
IFC INSANE RODEO from dafont, cut from bog basic white card. I went round the outline with the fine line end of my whispers pens (and yes I did stick out my tongue whilst trying to concentrate!) and then filled in the outlined bit with the Glossy Accents that I had found whilst having another bash at sorting out. And it looks really quite good, much much better than just plain white text. I was worried that I would waste quite a lot with such a heavy use, but I've barely even reached a fifth of the bottle! So be prepared for a whole lot more glossyness in the future.

And as promised, here is Wooden Boat finished. I have learnt to start embracing the "white" space.

Love Elliefantasy xxx

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Darcy said...

you are right, glossy accents is soooo useful, I also have the matte accents, both excellent for glueing too. the matte is especially good if you are glueing something holey such as lace and you don't want shiny glue showing thru the holes.