9 Dec 2014

JYC 2014 - 9th Dec - Christmas deliciousness

I feel now as though I have baked EVERYTHING that I possibly could have done, even though I know I have just a little more to do.

My favourite Xmas treat to bake, something that I have started since OH and I have been living alone, is Stollen. A recipe taken from Delia, and tweaked and tested until perfect.

This year I have made great strides in its improvement. I can attribute some of this to slavishly watching Bake Off earlier in the year and learning the proper way to knead bread. Which makes all those hours of sitting in front of the TV worth it.

And the rest is due to comparing stollen with my favourite Easter Simnel cake which has a huge slab of marzipan running through the middle. This has worked marvellously with the stollen so all I need to do is make the final loaf for testing at my mums. All in the name of science!

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