10 Dec 2014

JYC 2014 - 10th Dec - making a list..

Actually I made 2 lists. And checked them more than twice! Two lists for 2 Nanny's from one very lucky little girl.

Two lists to source presents from for many grandparents, great-grandparents, Aunties and Uncles. Who all require an equal split of ideas of what Pickle wants. Except we're all still sort of guessing what that might be.

The Boy (Pickle's slightly older cousin) is much easier as he has definite likes and dislikes, so its just a case of seeing what was in stock where at the right time and price. Something suitable but still good enough to make me to Cool Auntie Pooh who buys great presents.

And for our new, much older cousin, we've gone straight for new clothes. Shopping for an exceptionally tall older child is quite difficult but thankfully no one is ever too old for Disney!

But for the two little girls of the family, it is hard to determine what they love from what they sort of like. It can change on a daily basis. And they actually don't have much concept of the sheer volume that they could ask for. And on no accounts must any present be loud or annoying or it will quickly find itself at the very bottom of the toy box.

Pickle this year is getting Lego and Sylvanians and Tink will be receiving Doc McStuffins and Peppa Pig.

With a little bit of Frozen thrown in.

Just in case.

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