9 Dec 2014

JYC 2014 - 8th Dec - O Christmas Tree..

Our tree is positively groaning with sentimentality this year. 3 years of handmade decorations made by Pickle, as well as the impressive collection of my MiL which we are hosting this year to save it from a perilous journey abroad.

Though some things are too precious to actually make it to the tree, most things have made it on. Including my two snowmen who are cheekily peeping out from behind boughs and baubles.

And all wrapped up with a shiny new set of lights that twinkle and fade and didn't take hours to test for duff bulbs!

Pickle has been really good with the tree but she loves to sit in the beanbag next to it and gently blow on the tinsel, watching the lights reflecting in the golden strands.

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