20 May 2013

Paperclipping RoundTable 132 - Pause for a thought

I was listening to this episode of the Paperclipping RoundTable today whilst driving to and from work. It was just a random back-episode I had stashed to listen to but like many, it really spoke to me about what I do when I scrap and why.

One of my latest revelations/realisations is that my scrapping is a memory keeping excercise, just in a pretty format. And listening to the "professionals" on PRT has helped show me that this is ok. I don't have to make pages full of embellishments and blank space if I want pages full of journaling and photos.

A key point that came up was about style and that scrappers seem to think that having a set style is a negative thing. I know that I suffer from this impression, I think I should be trying every different style and technique and that no two pages should be the same. Yet, I know that if I looked now, I would see quite similar layouts. The only thing that is different now is that I won't see this as a bad thing. 

The guests on PRT mention President Obama's trick of having suits for designated days so as not to waste "decision making power" on trivial things. I really identified with this idea that you have a limited amount of DMP in your day, and although I do not have the same kind of pressure as the leader of the free world, I would like to cut down on the guilt that interferes with my creativity. 

So no more guilt about pages that look similar. If I like them, then thats enough. And to link in with a phrase for May's OLW prompt,

"I shall balance the excitement of experimentation with the comfort of the familiar" 

Love Elliefantasy


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