10 May 2013

Big Leap Forward....

.... but no sticking??

Today I finished my photobook of LO's first year. It is jam packed of photos and has loads little comments detailing the who, what, where, when and whys. All that needs doing is a final proof read by OH and then we can hit the finish button. And in 5 days time we will have a lovely memento of LO's first year in a handy, slim volume, ready to pull out for guests with the option of easily made copies for grandparents.

I could have scrapped it all, and I have got a half finished book of the first month, which might just become the first 2 weeks. It is important as it contains a lot of ephemera.

But for most of the pictures taken in the 12 months there isn't much of a story other than what we did or who we were with. Or, in a lot of cases, who the person was that brought the thing in the picture. It needs remembering but I'm not sure it needs patterned paper or alphas etc.

I am coming to a point where I want my scrapped pages to be about feelings and impressions. If I have managed to squeeze out time to stick and cut, I want to find a bit more time to describe and discuss.

So now I have found a way to do both. Yes, it has taken me a few evenings, but it was fun to remember all the.different events and focus my mind on the stories that might have a little more behind them. And with a nice discount coupon to redeem, it leaves more money in the pot for real stash!

Do you use photobooks or have an alternative way to keep your pics that works alongside your scrapping? I'd love to hear them

Love Elliefantasy

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