21 May 2013

I amaze myself......

Early last month I had a fantastic evening of sticking things to paper! A couple of scrapbook pages nearly completed whilst listening to the latest podcast from the Roundtable.The interesting thing was which photos I chose to scrap. I have 12 months + of photos of my LO, an album of weddings that  just need papers picking and stuff sticking, and various ephemera  piled neatly on my desk. But I chose to scrap a couple of my nephew from 2011.

The reason for this selection is my new journaling scheme. I have to pick and choose when I sit down in my room to scrap, balanced against all my other hobbies and my housewifely/motherly/social obligations. But I do have a lot of time for just sitting down and writing out journaling. So its not hard for me to look at a picture and decide on what story I wish to tell, write that story in a notepad and then pop the note and the photo in a expanding file and move on to the next one. I have an accordian file for holding my photos and journalling, and any work that I had done on my titles or other ephemera. So, on this particular evening, when I had the time to sit and scrap in my room, I was able to go to the first section, pull out the photo, title and journalling and get down to work.

I was trying to just create a page so I didn't think too hard about what background I wanted, I picked a nice green textured piece of card that matched with the grass colour of the picture, made a lovely yellow sun for the corner, matched up ribbon for the bunting title and then stuck and wrote. And its a good page, not sensational but it is good and fits the mood of the picture in the colour choices and composition. It needs something else and I don't know yet quite what that is, but not wanting to get bogged down, I have mentally marked it as "not quite finished" and it was headed for storage in my nephews album. And here comes the part that amazed me.

The photos are from a weekend in April 2011, when we had really lovely weather. That time particularly sticks in my mind as we had 2 BBQ's at my mum's house in the space of 2 weeks as the weather was so fine and I took loads of pictures at both. All the pages that I have scrapped so far are in very primary shades of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue, some patterns but mostly blocks of colour, because these are the colours that jump out at me. They are such a good match of colours across the pages that I can to put them into their own album to remember that special time. And this has now helped me when I chose to get the others finished as I know the palettes that I will be using. Obviously the pages will be different and some from these weekends wont match and so wont go into this album. But its such a good starting point that I have subconciously made for myself, that it re-inforces my faith that I do enjoy this hobby and have some aptitude for it, even though I can't make much time any more for the sticking and the writing.

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