19 Sep 2010

Normal Service will resume soon

Things for me have been exceptionally busy at the moment. Work is just about manageable but at the expense of having much of an evening, and this weekend has been completely absorbed by the wedding of two very close friends. Every time I get close to doing something crafty there seems to be a distraction. WOYWW has been missed twice and I have even had to put a mini-pause on Learn Something New as my e-mail has decided to play up as well.

But I only have 1 more week to go before OH and I get some well earned time at home. I have a few projects in mind, some new, some that need to be finished off. I am hoping that I can get to the last remaining things to be done to the craft room. Ikea have just reduced the small Expedite Units, and after a think and ponder over the merits of Ikea vs Argos furniture, I have decided to go for Ikea and Expedite. I only need a 4x2 unit (or 2 2x2) and some baskets to go with and on top, and the cost and quality just outbeats Argos every time. 

The Wall Planner frame has now been purchased, and all it needs is for the months to be printed, and the little flaggies to be made for the birthdays and anniversaries that need remembering. The self made storage is ready for the CD rack to go up. The CD rack is not yet ready as we need to drill at least 2 more holes to make sure that it doesn't fall down on top of my monitors. And I have to make a decision about the feature wall. 

So hopefully at the end of the month there should be a lot of posts about crafty stuff and crafty space. Apologies to all who might have popped in only to be bored with the same images. Normal Service will be resumed soon I promise!

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